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Costa Blanca Holiday Villas

Chiara Villa near Torrevieja

Costa Blanca is actually one of the most popular holiday spots in Spain and with the pleasant climate that it has to offer, it is indeed one of the best places you can choose for a holiday. Villas here are designed to meet with all the expectations that the holidaymakers coming here have and Chiara Villa is one of the best holiday villas that you can choose for a holiday. It is located on a very quiet and calm street complete with destination traffic.

The villa provides you with a safe parking area for the holidays and the neighborhood is quite quiet and it is also not as far from the beach as the beach is only 4000 meters away. This fully detached villa has a private swimming pool and hence you won’t have to worry about sharing the pool during the holidays. The living room is quite spacious and comfy and it has a total of six bathrooms and six bedrooms. The interior of the villa is nothing short of luxurious and attention has been given to the minor details thus giving a wonderful overall view at the end.

The inside is a mix of cozy atmosphere and different striking colors so it is a disposition of urbanization. It has terraces that you can enjoy as much as you want for the holidays and the swimming is at the backside of the swimming pool offering amazing views of the surrounding areas. You actually can reach the stunning pool from the terrace. The outdoor life of the villa is enjoyable with the Spanish sun shining down on you. It has permanent stone barbecue cooking utensils. The kids will find the playground appliances amazing for enjoyment during the holidays.

Even though this villa is suitable for families and groups coming to enjoy their holidays in Costa Blanca, it is does not allow groups of youngsters who are 25 years of age and below. Pets are also not allowed within the villa. The villa has every one of the facilities and amenities that the holidaymakers are looking for during the holidays and hence you know that you will have a time of your life within the villa whether you are staying for a short or long period within the coast. With the villa, you know you have all the privacy and convenience that you deserve during a holiday.

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