Ancient Greece

By Baylee Hoegh


Latest News-

The Olympics started last week-Sports

Local citizen was caught cheating- Sports

Weather troubles-Weather Report

Weather Report

Zeus Strikes Again

We have a 60% chance of rain all day and a 80% the rest of the week. So it looks as if we will be having to stay indoors this week.Looks like Zeus is going to be busy sending us all those lightning bolts and dew!

Human Interest Stories


Neighbor catches Wife of Cyrus sneaking out without permission- Click Link......

Citizen Marge is doing good for the neighborhood......- Click Link.....

Another temple made finally- Click Link.....

Athens celebrate with the winning- Click Link.....

That all for this weeks events


Sports Update

Excellence with the Olympics this week! Petas Nork with the winning record for Javelin. Amazing finish for Alexander Upter in the Stadion. Brin Comball was caught cheating and was forced to walk by all statues in shame. Jave Canbis for the winning in the wrestling. Congratulations to the Athens for the overall win!


Latest Comments

-Weather Report

-James Hugh

The rain is crazy here in Olympia. My family and I are amazed at how many lightning strikes we have seen!

- Sports

- Rex Gog

I am overwhelmed with how great this years Olympic Games were! When that guy from Athen shot the spear so far, it was awesome!

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Have a nice week here in Olympia!