Lake Of Secrets

By Lael Littke


The book is about Carlene and her mother move back to a small town in search for Carlene's missing brother, Keith. Keith had gone missing 1 year before Carlene was born. Now after 18 years, someone finds male, child's clothing in a small shaft by the lake, the lake where Keith had gone missing. Now they move back in search to find Keith...

Main Characters

Carlene- A 17 year old girl, who's brother had disappeared one year before she was born. Now her mom is making them move to find old child's clothing, that she believes is Keith's.

Carlene's mom- A crazy mom, who is obsessed with trying to find her missing son after 18 years, even though people say he's dead.

Keith- Carlene's missing brother, who "drown" in the lake, the day his father took him boating.

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I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 because it was a good book but really sad. And it seemed like it when too fast. it would be a good book for 5th-9th graders.