The alians

By: brielle kurtz

The story

It all began in space... Two astronauts were on a mission in space eating their dry ice cream about to land when they landed they got out of the and suddenly they saw an alien :o, for a moment they just stared but it felt like hours..."Hi..." One of them stuttered. Scared of the people he thought where aliens he also stuttered "hi" ... "Who are you aliens?" He asked hoping not to intrigue them by the question. "We are not aliens we are people, humans, what are you, are you an alien?" The astronauts asked. "we are not aliens we are the tangleeed." He said. "What do you mean we? Is there more of you?" one astronaut said. "Yes there is a hole kingdom of us, I am there ruler or king and this is our planet, We all love this planet." "Wow" one astronaut said. "O my name is John Quince Adams and his name is Michel foxy." Said one astronaut. "My name is King Kong." Said the alien. "Do you want to come see my kingdom?" king kong said happily. "Sure, would we see the others?" John asked. "Yes." King Kong answered. So they went on there way. Once they got there they just stood there in awe. Once they woke up they went into the kingdom there was houses and buildings all over the place it looked like N.Y.C all over. Then they went to a huge blue castle in the middle of the town! they went inside and in front of them was a huge ballroom filled with aliens dancing around with each other. "Wow." Said Michel with a smile : ) Martha, Nick, Charlie, Valerie, Brielle, Kyleigh, Kelly, Hanna, Lilly, Kale, Kyle, Miranda, Miley, Hailey, Halie, Kate, Rachel, Amelia, Fin tin, Bella, and a lot more meet Michel and John, they are our new friends!!! "One, two, three, hello Michel and John!!!" They all yelled at once. "Hello guys!!!" The astronauts yelled back at them. "We better be getting back to our ship before we run out of oxygen." Said Michel "Bye." The astronauts said and headed back to there ship. When they were back at the lab they showed the other people the video they were filming the hole time and they were amazed to hear the aliens sounded like birds and looked like Barbies.


About the Author


I am Brielle Kurtz I am 10 only in 5th grade I love righting scary stories read my others please. :)