Ares By: Matthew and Quyen/Samantha

Every fighter has a heart

Ares Introduction

Ares is very well known for his violent and fighting nature, but not as many people know him as the "lover Ares." He's called the god of war but should be called the god of passionate relations- also known as affairs. His love for Aphrodite and many other beautiful gods outweighs his love for violence and graphic mayhem. He makes love like he fights on the battle field with incredible amounts of passion and all of his heart. If Ares was a movie and was given a rating he'd be given an R rating for strong, brutal and graphic violence althroughout and strong sexual content! A story that portrays Ares's violent side and his lover side perfectly would be the story of Ares killing Adonis because his lover Aphrodite was getting sought after by another man. It showed how he has a heart to love and care for Aphrodite so much he will kill for her- his violent side showed perfectly because he killed another God for her!