Mrs. Greene's Room 9

March 4, 2016

"Testing" Has Left The Building...

We are officially finished with Round 1 of ISTEP! Round 2 comes in April! It is different than Round 1 in that it is a computer test instead of a written test. Overall, I was very proud of my students. They took the test very seriously and performed to the best of their ability. The 55 minute writing prompt was a tough one! To ask 3rd graders to sit for a lengthy amount of time like that is challenging!

I am very excited about the number of students in my class that accepted the MARCH READING CHALLENGE...17 of 26 students will be reading one of the four books that was presented by the 3rd grade teachers last week. The last date to complete the reading in March 31. We will celebrate on April 14 after school with a movie. We are really looking forward to it. I had a few students come into class this morning and immediately ask me if they could spend their first few minutes of class reading their "Challenge" book. YAY!

Be sure to check my website for additional classroom news and information. I update it weekly with Assignment Notebook and important dates!

We are running low on a few supplies. If you are interested in helping out, we will put these items to great use!

  1. Clorox Wipes
  2. Pencils

Here is what is planned for next week:

Reading: Unit 7 - "What Forces Can Change Earth?"

  • Analyzing Imagery
  • Synthesizing: Drawing Conclusions
  • Reading a Narrative Poem

Writing: Information Writing

  • We will begin a unit on Information Writing. Your child will learn how to write an INFORMATION PIECE (formerly known as a research paper).

Science: Rocks and Minerals

  • Thank you, Alex C, for sharing your neat Geode experiment with the class. We are certain you are headed for a career as a scientist someday!
  • We will be learning how ROCKS are made of MINERALS.
  • We continue to explore properties of both rocks and minerals.

Math: Unit 9 - Fractions, Decimals, Percents

We will test over Chapter 9 on Friday, March 11. I will send a study guide home Tuesday. It will be due Thursday. We will go over it on this day. Be sure to let me know if your child has questions or could use some extra work on any of the skills on the study guide. I have an IA in my classroom during Math, so we are able to work with individuals and small groups of students on a regular basis!

Congratulations to Alex and Wells for passing all levels of ROCKET MATH! What an accomplishment!

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Ally has been an amazing helper this week! She is a quiet leader who likes to lead by example rather than by telling people what to do! She enjoys sharing stories and life experiences with me, and sometimes, I actually feel like I'm speak to an adult as we are talking:) Ally makes it a joy to do my job every single day!

Room 9 Leader of the Week - Kylie!

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