Jefferson Davis

--------------President of Confederate States--------------

Jefferson Davis

While Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States, Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States of America. His parents were slave owners. They had slaves to help work with the farm.They disagreed with the other states about many things, especially slavery. Their disagreements led to the American Civil War. Jefferson Graduated from the U.S. military academy at west point in 1828. Served in the Army until 1835.

When was he born?

Davis was born on June 3, 1808 Kentucky grew up in Mississippi.

Career in the United States

Davis served in the Army until 1835. He then returned to Mississippi and ran a plantation.

In 1845 Davis was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. He left Congress in 1846 to command Mississippi troops in the Mexican War. He won a great victory at the battle of Buena Vista.

Davis returned from the war as a hero and became a U.S. senator from Mississippi in 1847. From 1853 to 1857 he served as secretary of war under President Franklin Pierce. Davis again became a senator in 1857. At the time, Northerners and Southerners were arguing about many issues. Davis tried to get the two sides to work together, but they became more and more divided.

The Confederacy

In January 1861, Mississippi seceded, or left the Union. Several other states did the same. Representatives of those states chose Davis to be their president. He took office on February 18, 1861. Davis ordered an attack on Fort Sumter in South Carolina on April 12. The attack began the American Civil War.

As president, Davis had a hard job. The United States had more people and more resources than the Confederacy. After four years of fighting the Confederate troops were forced to surrender. This brought an end to the Confederate States.

Davis then left Richmond, Virginia, which was the Confederate capital. On May 10 he was captured in Georgia. He was put into prison for disloyalty to the United States. But he was not placed on trial. After two years he was released.

Davis spent time in Canada and Europe and then ran an insurance company in Memphis, Tennessee. He died in New Orleans, Louisiana, on December 6, 1889.