The war of 1812

Whos to blame?

There are many thoughts on the topic of whos fault it is for the war of 1812. So whos to blame? In my opinion i blame them both! Both sides the americans and british are just as guilty they both caused the same amount of commotion.

Why i blame the americans!

The Americans made an attack on canada to cut off the british supply lines. This affected the Americans in a good way because they got what they wanted (cut off the british supply lines). This affected the british in a bad way because they got their supply lines cut off. Also the americans had a bigger trade advantage This was due to the trade was suspended between the warring countries so that ment the americans had the trade advantage so the british didint get a lot of trade.

Why i blame the british!

Then i believe its the british fault because they burned the capitol,white house, and nonresidential washington this made the british happy because they got what they wanted (burn the capitol, white house, and nonresidential washington) this made the americans sad/mad because they got all that burned down. Also general ross was killed so his forced advanced towards te city.


With the Americans and british causing the same amount of damage to eachother and both the americans and british making a big mess they both are equal when it comes to how much damage they caused to eachother so that is why i blame both the Americans and British!