5 Important Accomplishments

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Cliff Buildings

The Anasazi Cliff Dwellings provided weather and enemy protection. They also held religious ceromonies in these buildings of amazing architecture.


The Anasazi built solar and regular observatories on top of their cliffs. These provided great astronomical knowledge to the Anasazi Civilization.


Although the Anasazi did not construct empires they did build canals, dams, and ditches to irrigate their fields and crops.

Cultural Achievements

The Anasazi Indians were the first in their region and the first to build permanent crops and settlements. The Anasazi worked in the field, but they also domesticated animals for work and companionship.
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Later in their days, the Anasazi added animals into farming work. They still hunted and gathered food but also added annual crops. The Anasazi started domesticating turkeys to use for meat and clothing.

Are They A Complex Civilization???

Yes, because they are great engineers and astronomers. To provide food for their families, they gathered, farmed, and hunted.