Albert Einstein

------------------ By: Loveleen Dhaliwal ------------------

What Albert Did

Albert Einstein grew up in Ulm, Germany. He was born March 14, 1879. Albert died April 18, 1955. But he did his education in Munich, Germany in that school he was a poor student and all his teacher thought he needed special help. He also couldn't speak fluently in grade 9, yet still he had something special for laws and nature. he began playing the violin at age 6 and would continued playing it in his life. At age 12 he discovered geometry and was taken by its clear and certain proofs. Einstein mastered calculus by age 16.

Einstein ended high school at age 16. He hated school and planed to leave without affecting the other students, or without hurting his chances to get to university.Later on his teacher led him for his horrible attitude towards school. Einstein tried to enter Federal Institute Of Technology in Switzerland. In that school his knowledge was not good and he failed in entrance examination. Than he finally got a diploma in Cantonal School in Aarau that's in Switzerland in 1896. Then he finally realized that he has more interest in physics than mathematics.

His Accomplishments

  • Albert Einstein is known for his theory of relativity A.K.A m=mc2

  • He won a Nobel Peace Prize because of challenging the wave theory of light, opening up the science of quantum physics

  • He believed that light has an absolute speed

Einstein faced many and many challenges in his life. His theories and writings were opposed by many of the anti-Semitic Germans and Europeans. In Nazi Germany he faced losing his professorship and his standing in the scientific community. Other scientists didn't believe his theories and they thought all his calculations were wrong. What more can go wrong.

Albert Einstein never gave up, yes there were times where he thought I wont be able to do this but he kept on going. I feel that if every person try's and doesn't give up there are so may things that we can accomplish.