America the Brave

!812-1815 Will be Remembered

U.S. Unprepared for War

Small badly trained and not ready for war. Only 20 frigares and sloops, 170 small gunboats.

There is no money for war after Rebulican Congress never renewed charter for the National bank in 1811.

Causes of War of 1812


One of the many reasons of why the war started is because of Britain's attempt to cut off U.S. trade. Another reason is because of Britain selling guns to the American Indians in the area.

U.S. Deathes

Army: 1,950

Navy: 265

Marines: 45

Wounded: 4,505

More Deaths

About 15,000 Americans died and about 8,600 british died


Jun 18, 1812 The Senate by vote declared war on great Britain

Sep 20, 1813 Tecumseh was killed at the battle of Thames

Aug 8, 1814 The treaty of Ghent begins

Aug 24, 1814 Britian burned down the White House

More Dates

Sep 16, 1814 Francis Scott Key saw the American flag still flying and wrote the Star Spangled Banner

Dec 14, 1814 Treaty of Ghent

Native Americans

The Native Americans became allies with Britain when Britain started selling guns to them and asked them to join the war.

Important People in our War

Napoleon Bonaparte- the french leader

Tecumseh- the American Indian leader who helped Britain

General William Henry Harrison- American General

President James Madison- American President

Francis Scott Key- Star Spangled Banner writer

Thomas Jefferson

Effects of the War

James Madison Decided to open back up National bank and reinforce the Army

They can trade again with France

Britian stopped bugging the U.S.