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May 5, 2022

From the Principal

Wow! This year has flown by, like the last 37 I have spent on this campus. Lamkin has been my “other home” for quite awhile and I have sincerely loved every minute of it. I so want to share with you how much it has meant to me to serve my community, this school, and the students who attend Lamkin, it has been an honor.

Ms. Jill Brister, current Lamkin Assistant Principal, will be taking over as Principal next year. She is a perfect choice for this campus, this is her community, and she is committed to keeping Lamkin a place where children are loved, cared for and educated.

We have been very busy this past month and May is even busier! We begin our state testing week next week with our 4th and 5th graders testing in math on Tuesday, May 10th, reading on May 11th, and science, along with 3rd grade reading on Thursday, May 12th. We end the week with our 3rd graders taking the math test on Friday, May 13th. The students are prepared, and we have been practicing the mindset of just “showing what you know”, and I know they will do well! Results will come in on varying dates up to July, but as soon as we have them for any specific grade, we will make you aware right away.

Our 2nd grade musical held a week ago was a HUGE success and it was WONDERFUL to see our cafeteria packed to see the performance! We are hopeful there will be a similar turn out for the 3rd grade program on Tuesday, May 17th! Our 5th graders have lots of things coming their way. We will host a wonderful culmination of academic success when our Cy-Fair High School graduates, who are former Lamkin students, come back to walk our halls in their caps and gowns before graduating and moving on to their chosen journeys. It is a thrill to see them reach their goals and know you might have had a little something to do with it!

In closing, again I am ever so grateful for all the wonderful years here at Lamkin, and I will treasure all of my memories of your precious children for years to come.

New Start and End Times For Lamkin Elementary Next Year

Lamkin Elementary will be changing their start and end times for the 2022-2023 school year.

Please make a note of the time change:

7:50 a.m. - doors open for arrival

8:15 a.m. - tardy bell rings

3:40 p.m. - dismissal begins

4:00 p.m. - all students must be picked up

Upcoming Events

May 10 - STAAR, 4th & 5th math

May 11 - STAAR, 4th & 5th reading

May 12 - STAAR - 5th science & 3rd reading

May 13 - STAAR - 3rd math

May 17 - 5th grade goes to Urban Air

May 17 - 3rd grade performance - 6:00 p.m.

May 18 - Urban Air spirit night

May 26 - Last day of school

Lamkin Anti-Drug Slogans

May 18 - Stay in School, Drugs Aren't Cool - wear a college shirt or college colors

May 25 - Catch a Wave to a Drug Free Life - wear Hawaiian attire

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Lamkin's STAAR Testing Schedule

May 10

- 4th & 5th grade math

May 11

- 4th & 5th grade reading

May 12

- 3rd grade reading & 5th grade science

May 13

- 3rd grade math

There will be no visitors, including lunch visitors, on these days to allow us to create the most optimal testing environment at Lamkin Elementary.

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STAAR Testing Policy

In order to maintain an optimum testing environment for students, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has determined that students are not permitted to have cell phones or personal electronic devices that allow internet access or have photographic capabilities during testing as the devices can disrupt the testing environment and be used to compromise the security and confidentiality of the test.

Electronic devices must be turned off and not be visible; therefore, students are not allowed to place or receive a cell phone call or text message during a test administration.

The district policy regarding cell phone use during the school day can be found in the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Student Code of Conduct handbook.

During the instructional school day, students are generally prohibited from using all telecommunication devices….Such devices must not be visible and must remain turned off… Placing the cell phone into silent/vibrate mode and text messaging is not considered “turned off” and is prohibited.

If a student violates this CFISD policy, then his/her device will be confiscated and will be returned after an administrative fee is collected. District personnel will not assume responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen items.

Violation of this policy during any state assessment is considered cheating and will require the appropriate disciplinary action as described in the CFISD Student Code of Conduct handbook.

Violation of this policy during any state assessment such as, but not limited to, EOC, STAAR, or locally designed assessment, etc. prohibits an optimum testing environment and, therefore, may result in an invalid assessment. Use of a cell phone or any other unapproved electronic device during the administration of these tests will be regarded as

cheating, and the student’s test will be invalidated (test will not be scored) with appropriate disciplinary action to follow.

Additionally, secondary students will be asked to sign an honor statement before taking any version of the EOC or TELPAS tests. The statement, shown below, will be printed on each student’s answer sheet, and students will be asked to sign it before testing begins.

Monica "Jill" Brister Named Lamkin Elementary's New Principal

Ms. Brister brings a wealth of experience, training, productive service, and leadership to this position. She received her bachelor’s from Texas Christian University and master’s degree from Texas A&M University.

Ms. Brister has twenty-four years of experience in education. She served as a teacher at Bang Elementary School in 1997, and in 2003 as an administrator at Wesley Academy. In 2004, Ms. Brister was hired as an instructional specialist at Lamkin Elementary School and was promoted to assistant principal in 2013.

During her twenty-four-year career, Ms. Brister has received extensive training in a variety of programs including instructional strategies, classroom management, and diversity. Ms. Brister is an advocate for students. Her varied experiences, extensive training, and collaborative leadership style make Ms. Brister well qualified to serve as principal of Lamkin Elementary School.

We are confident you will find Ms. Brister a very capable and caring administrator who is eager to lend her expertise to continue the outstanding programs provided at Lamkin Elementary School. Join us in welcoming Ms. Brister to Lamkin Elementary!

From the Nurse

As the end of the school year approaches, we would like to remind you to pick up any medications you provided to the school clinic this year. According to the CFISD Board policy FFAC (local), medications must be retrieved from the clinic by a parent/guardian or designated responsible adult. Please make arrangements to pick up your student's medications by May 26th at 4:00 p.m. Medications not collected by this deadline will be disposed of according to CFISD policy.

In compliance with the Texas Department of state Health Services, it is imperative that all children are current with all immunizations or have an exemption on file while attending public school.

Click on the link below for information on clinics and other facilities providing vaccinations.

Please do not hesitate to call Mary McAuliffe, RN at 281-897-4778 with any questions regarding your child's missing vaccines.

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Are You Moving or Have an Expired Lease?

We are hopeful that all of our Lamkin Leopards return for the 2022-23 school year. However, we know that some students will not return due to moving or other reasons. It will help us plan for next year to know if you are 100% sure that your PK-4th grade student(s) will NOT return. Please email Ms. Torres at and let her know the names of your students if they will not be returning to Lamkin.

If you have an expired lease or one that is up for renewal, we will need a copy of the new lease along with a current gas or electric bill before we can put your child/children in a class for next year. Email Ms. Torres at with a copy of the necessary documents or to ask her any questions you may have.

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