u.s army special operations


1.by law,only men can attend the special force qualification course or ranger school
2.helicopters are the main aircraft of the army
3.many army soldier fight in battle on land
4.all special ops members help keep the united state safe
5.the military only accepts ,male u.s. citizens between 20 or 30 years old
6.we they train they may have to walk or run for a miles
7.between 1939 and 1945 ,world war 2 raged around the world
8.army special operations ranger drop from a black hawk helicopter
9.as the commander in chief of the army force,the president of the unit states
10.supervise active army reserve troop in the continental united state

11.the secretary of the army ,also a civilian appointed by the presentment

12.from 1866 and 1947 American Indians served in the u.s. army as scouts behind enemy lines

13.in 1952 , the army starting training soldiers to work behind enemy lines again

14.the army reserve also assumes important training responsible in times of crisis

15.the army national guard is both a federal of the state military force