Indiana University

Lux et Veritas (Light and Truth)

History of IU and NCAA Tournament

The government of Indiana founded it as the state Seminary in 1820. This was later changed to "Indiana University" in 1838. The long standing president of IU was Herman B Wells (1938-1962) was also a chancellor (1962-2000). Herman is noticed for making the university known for the stature in research, the arts, and international studies. As for being known for leading public research in the United States Indiana University is at the top. Indiana University keeps making history every year and is growing.

Indiana University is also known for their basketball. IU's first season was in 1901 and their coach for that season was James H. Horne. Bob Knight (1971-2000) had a full 29 years with Indiana University and within that time they won 662 games, also including 22 seasons of 20 or more wins. Even though they lost a total of 239 games they still had a .735 winning percentage. Even though "The General" was tough he did a good job of coaching. As he always said "The will to succeed is important , but what's more important is the will to prepare"-Bob Knight.

Basketball is a sport loved by many Americans for many years. The NCAA Tournament started in 1939 and since 2011 there are 68 teams. It is a single elimination game played each spring in the United States. This was the idea of the Ohio State University coach Harold Olsen and the idea of March Madness was created by Bob Walsh of the Seattle Organizing Committee in 1984.

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