Forensic Engineer

lindzey butler

job description

  • investigate structural failures, accident reconstruction, causes of fire, attempts to determine if human intervention caused the structural failure and utilizes computer models and architectural models to help courts visualize crime scenes.

  • use trace evidence to show how a structure or component failed.

  • sometimes involved in major disasters, like having a bridge collapse or a train derailing.

Education requirements

  • several years of experience

  • at least a four degree in engineering

  • major in engineering specialties : electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, computer

  • need to be a licensed engineer in the state in which you want to be employed
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  • New graduates- average annual wage of $46,000

  • in business for many years- salary of $98,000

  • Kansas: $73,990

Positive and Negative Aspects

  • Positive: They help improve and prevent failures in different structures of buildings. They truly are a very important component when it comes to safety in building.

  • Negative: It is a long, difficult process to become a licensed, highly experienced engineer. Not to mention the danger of being involved in a hazardous scene.
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