About the Movement

The movement began in the 1800's and started in France and Great Britian. The main concept in Romanticism is to show imagination and emotion. The movement of Romanticism started after the Enlightment after the French Revolution left people questioning the things they were taught before the Enlightment. Artists started to think differently from how they used to think. The major artistes that started the Romanticism art movement Baron Antoine Jean Gros, Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson, and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Those artist are all similar because they were are taught at the Jacques Louis David's studio.

Major Artists

Three major artists of the Romanticism artists are Francisco Goya, Jean Auguste Ingres, Casper David Friedrich. They were all apart of the movement of Romanticism that took place in the years of 1800-1850. Francisco Goya is known as the most important Spanish artist of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. He went from being a happy man in the start of his career to a person that looks for the worst in things. Goya was born in the year 1746. Another famous artist is Jean Auguste Ingres. Jean was born in the year 1780. He was a well respected artist later in his career. Finally, Casper David Friedrich was another well known artist in this movement. David was born on September 5, 1774. His artworks would work to have things in nature symbolize other things. Some of Casper's famous works are those of when he would paint pictures about religious mysticism.
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The Execution of the Rebels of the 3rd of May, 1808

The painting is painted by Francisco Goya. This painting uses an element of line to show the characters in the painting. With the use of shading it shows that there is depth and space to the painting. Since there is depth and space in the painting it makes the humans look like they are real and it is a real hillside. The painting also uses many different values to make the painting interesting. You can see that there are both geometric shapes in the box and organic shapes in the the sky.

By: Derek Holtorf