Room 6 News

October 13 - October 27, 2015

Integrated Learning

We will begin learning about frogs, butterflies and beetles. We will focus on the life cycles and introduce metamorphosis. Some centers include:

  • symmetrical butterfly art project
  • cycle sequencing
  • tracing and writing butterfly words
  • leap frog on lily pads counting by 10s
  • insect patterning
  • frog color code


We will continue to learn about the primary and secondary colors. This rotation we will focus on the secondary colors. Your children will know which primary colors mix to make each secondary color. We will make play dough and dye it the class favorite color that we will vote on. They will also learn a new song about them sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle".

Secondary, secondary we love you. Orange, green and purple too. There are things that are these colors. Pumpkins, grass, can you name some others? Secondary, secondary we love you. Orange, green and purple too.


We will be learning about the letter Cc. We will read the book Copycats and the children will practice letter recognition and formation. A few activities are:

  • Crazy cutting practice
  • COLD flip book - matching initial sounds
  • Candy corn addition
  • Candle painting

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will continue to discuss maps and directional words, such as past, over, around, across and through. We will also talk about being a good friend and make a class friendship quilt.

Environmental Science

Please help your nature explorer have a safe and fun time outdoors by wearing athletic shoes and easy care clothing to school every day!

Your child has been using their senses to taste fruits and vegetables and using the leftover cores and peels to help our compost bins grow to make new “special” soil. The compost will be fun to watch when we add the class Halloween pumpkin and observe how the compost bin changes over the next couple months. We will also take a “sensory” hike where the students explored the sights, smells, and sounds of our Lamplighter creek area.

This fall we will be observing and learning about cycles in our outdoor education areas. Composting our pumpkins, caterpillar-butterfly observations and watching growing gourds are some of the many cycles we will be watching right in our own Lamplighter gardens!


This month in Spanish we will be learning Halloween vocabulary. We will be concentrating on parts of our face and colors as we talk about jack-o-lanterns and Fall. Ask your children how to say pumpkin in Spanish!


In PE we have been practicing throwing. We are playing games that help us become better throwers. Ask your child to tell you about the different throwing games we have been playing.

Reminders and Events

  • October 22 and 23 – Conferences
  • October 25 - Lamplighter at the Arboretum
  • October 30 – Halloween Parade and Picnic

Ask your child about...

  • cycles you’ve found at Lamplighter
  • your favorite game in P.E.
  • metamorphosis
  • the life cycle of a frog