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Dec./ Jan. 2018, Goal Area #2, Obj. 3, Int. 2

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9 Tips to Support English Language Learners

  1. Speak slower, not louder.
  2. Make sure to pause frequently and write out instructions on the board.
  3. Provide short instructions, preferably starting with action verbs, ex. "Write five adjectives to describe the main character".
  4. Place key vocabulary on a Word Wall.
  5. Check for student understanding frequently.
  6. Provide visual guides, and/or infographics.
  7. Use body language and gestures to express appropriate words.
  8. Do not correct with negative expressions.
  9. Avoid idiomatic expressions and/or sarcasm.

ELL PD Opportunity on Twitter

Schedule for #ELLCHAT 12/11-2/28

12/11 Using word walls and other vocabulary scaffolds with ELLs
11/12-1/7- No #ELLCHAT Winter Vacation
1/8 -When teachers of ELLs work in isolation
1/15 - Teaching tolerance and cultural awareness to students
1/22 - Projects and Explorations extending learning for ELLs
1/29 Improving school attendance for ELLs

2/5 - Policies for grading ELLs
2/12 - Preparing an Engaging Social Studies Lesson for English Language Learners
2/19 - No #ELLCHAT - Presidents's Day
2/26 - Teaching ELLs to write

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WIDA Testing is Just Around the Corner

WIDA testing window for 2018 is January 22- March 30th. CPS will be testing five hundred five EL students in Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening. Each building counselor will be scheduling testing times for these students. Please encourage your students to do their very best.
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