Cyrus the Great

By: Jodecy, Brytini, Kennedy

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What was his role during the Persian Empire?

Cyrus the Great was the very first Achaemenid epmorer in the Persian Empire.

What did Cyrus the Great accomplish?

One of the things that he accomplished was that he was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, he was the first to appoint straps, as well as creating the first human right charters in promising to treat everyone and other kingdoms that he conquered with respect.

What was he most famous for?

Cyrus the great was most famous for creating the charter of human rights.

Was he a good leader?

He was a good leader in the aspect that he was very strategic with an army and conquering land to expand his empire. His men willingly followed him due to the fact that he was equal with everyone, letting them choose which religion they are, and punishing those who acted cruelly to those of a different religion or social standing.