"Born Worker"

Gary Soto


Jose is a hard worker.People say that Jose was born with dirt under his finger nails and a shovel in his hands.Jose has a cousin named Arnie. Arnie is a spoiled little kid never had to work for anything in his life Jose doesn't like his cousin Arnie because hes spoiled and preppy and annoying.One day Jose was walking home and he seen Arnie in his front lawn.Jose was trying to ignore him but Arnie keep talking to him so Jose just started to talk to him. Arnie said to Jose you want to make some money Jose said what you know about making money he said my parents are business people i was raised by them so I know alot about business but I need muscles. I have the brains and u have the muscles ok Jose said well they got a couple jobs then Arine got them a job with his dads friend. His name was Mr.Clemens told the boys to come around back when they got in the back yard Mr.Clemens said im only paying for one boy they said that's fine well split the money well Mr.Clemens watched for a while then went in side for a while then he came back out to cheek to see how the job was coming along.Mr.Clemens dropped his hearing aid fell in to the pool so he went in the pool to get the hearing aid and slipped and banged his head Arine said lets get out of here and he takes off well Jose stays call the ambulance when they get there Arine comes back and takes all the credit. Jose didn't care he was used to it.