Scottsboro Court Case!

By: Xavier Pierre'Auguste

The Scottsboro Trial

The Scottsboro trial is a well known court case. It happened during the Great Depression in Alabama. Very similar to the fictional Tom Robinson case. Nine African-American men were accused of gang raping two white women in a traincar. This trial put a spotlight on the social and legal problems of the era at the time.

Details of Scottsboro Trial

After a fight on a train between blacks and whites the black men were thrown in jail. Then shortly after are accused of rape by Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. The nine blacks then held a trial, which resulted in 8 of the 9 men to be sentenced to death. But the death sentences were postponed. After four trials fought by Samuel Leibowitz (attorney) they finally took it to the United States Supreme court. The Court was convinced by the evidence Samuel provided and stated the defendants were not guilty. Despite the decision four of the nine African Americans were sentenced to a very long prison sentence.

Similarities between Scottsboro and Tom Robinson

Mayella Ewell claimed that she was raped to cover up the fact that she tried to seduce a black man. Victoria White was thought to have claimed rape because she was a prostitute( illegal) and had history with black men, back then you were arrested if you ever hugged a black man.

Samuel Leibowitz is just like Atticus. He defends the Nine boys despite of the threats and name calling. In the hostile environment that they lived in, they still proved their clients were undoubtedly innocent.