6th Grade Memories

by Judd


One thing I'm going to miss is recess. There is one main game I'm going to miss and that is kickball. I'll miss it because I get to chose who I want on my team. I'll also miss it because I like playing kickball in general and I get friends on my team. That's what i will mostly miss.
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These are my friends up above. I have been friends with them ever since I came here.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jake,Dominic,Kellen

Jake is my friend because he'll stand up for me every once in a while. I hang out with Dom and Kellen because I enjoy their company and Im pretty sure they enjoy me too.

Social Studies

I'll really miss social studies with Miss LaBrie. One reason is because every once in a while we'd watch Goosebumps. We also got to study like crazy and play fun games before tests.

7th Grade P.E.

I can't wait to have a whole period of P.E. So I can do things like the kids in the video are doing.

Awesome Year

I had lots of fun this year with all the teachers. We did lots of fun activities this year in Mrs. Christensen. For example I got to learn aboun planets and the moon.