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Dear Parents and Carers,

Let me share with you a funny moment from an interaction late last week with a group of middle primary girls. They asked me if I knew what Mr McMahon’s/My power couple name was. Perplexed, I had to admit I didn’t know such a thing existed (and I’m not too sure about the ‘couple’ comment but we’ll let it slide). Little did I know that ‘McYock’ was the name! I must admit I burst out laughing as this sounds more like a McDonald’s burger than anything resembling the leaders in our school.

I hope all the mothers and mother figures out there are excited about next Wednesday’s (10th May)

P & F Mother’s Day Food & Fun Event, held in Kalyara from 7:30am – 8:50am for all Kindy to Year Six students and their mums. This year the dads are organising the event (nicely played gentlemen) and I’m sure they’ll go all out. Please note that due to the Mother’s Day event we will be closing the Drive Through on Wednesday morning (10th May) to allow for the large number of mums and kids expected. The tunes will be pumping, activities will be available, and the food is provided. What a great way to spoil mum a little in preparation for Mother’s Day next Sunday, 14 May.

The Camp Australia State Handball Championships are being held at St Columba’s this Sunday, 7 May, following the First Eucharist Mass, and our wonderful P & F are running the food for the event. We thank the team for their organisation and wish all competitors the best of luck.

We pray for our First Communion candidates as they prepare to receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time this weekend. I look forward to seeing the Parish community come together to celebrate this important milestone in their faith journey.

The sustainable Worm Farm has been installed in the new School Garden and we look forward to our Year 2-6 classes engaging in the worm farm incursions in Week 3. Our water pond is up and running and students have placed individually decorated stones around the pond to brighten up the space. Feel free to check it out the next time you are on site.

The Annual Dad’s Camp Out is taking place on Saturday, 20 May. To register and book your spot please follow the link in the P & F section of this newsletter. This is a great opportunity for dads to come together who may not normally get the chance and engage in fun activities with their kids. Plus, mum gets the night off so it’s a win-win! Thank you to Alan G and the dad team for their organisation of this event.

After School basketball sessions on Monday and Tuesday have commenced for those students in Years 1-6 who registered. These will run for 8 weeks. Thank you to the P & F for organising this opportunity for our students. As these are not school based events parents are responsible for ensuring their child is dropped off and collected from the top oval.

Families please note that you will need to adhere to the school parking policy and the street verge signage. Parking is not permitted in ‘no standing or parking ‘zones or on Forest Street and cars that do not follow the street and verge signage, face a possible fine from the Ranger. Your help in this matter will be very much appreciated.

We look forward to the return of Mr McMahon from next Monday, 8 May. Not sure he’ll be too keen on the new name though. 😊

Please note that Monday, 15 May (Week 4) is a Pupil Free Day.

God bless.

Jesse Yock

Acting Principal

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Important Dates

Friday 5 May

  • Assembly - 5G & 5W

Sunday 7 May

  • FHC Mass - 9.30am

Wednesday 10 May

  • P&F Mothers Day at 7.30 am - hosted by Year 2 dads

Thursday 11 May

  • Prayer Service - Y2 at 9am

Sunday 14 May

  • Mother's Day

Monday 15 May

  • Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 16 May

  • P&F Meeting at 7 pm in staff room
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Merit Award Winners - Friday, 5 May 2023

Year 1G - Parker, Audrey, Christina, Thomas

Year 1W - Freddie, Sophie

Year 2G - Oscar H, Sebastian, Inez

Year 2W - Fletcher, Taylor, Harlow

Year 3G - Ellen, Lucas P

Year 3W - Matilda, Annabelle

Year 4G - Amaia, Jackson

Year 4W - Eliora, Kieran

Year 5G -Toby, Sienna

Year 5W - Darcey, Lachlan, Arabella

Year 6G - Emma R, Ciara

Year 6W - Xavier, Paris

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First Holy Communion 2023

Please take note of the important dates coming up. Click below for full details.
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Code of Conduct

We take this opportunity to direct members of our community to review our Code of Conduct. These statements are aimed at ensuring the protection and wellbeing of students in our care. In addition, awareness of the Code of Conduct ensures that adults do not put themselves in potentially vulnerable positions; for example, adults use the ambulant toilet when on site and do not use student toilets.

Please take a few moments to review our Code of Conduct.

Keeping Safe: Child Protection Program (KS: CPC)

The Education Act mandates the teaching of a Protective Behaviours program in all schools. At St Columba’s we follow the Keeping Safe Program. The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC) aims to help children learn to recognise abuse and develop ways of protecting themselves from abuse and, in wider terms, covers rights, relationships, responsibilities and ethical behaviour.

The KS:CPC is divided into 5 documents specific to the age and year level of students. There are an additional three documents for educators working with:

· Aboriginal children and young people

· culturally and linguistically diverse children and young people

· children and young people with disability and additional needs.

The KS:CPC is predicated on two main themes which are presented through topics and activities of increasing complexity. The two KS:CPC Themes are:

· Theme 1: We all have the right to be safe

· Theme 2: We can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust.

The two KS:CPC Themes are explored through four Focus Areas, which are examined in growing complexity in accordance with the age of the students. The four KS:CPC Focus Areas are:

· Focus Area 1: The right to be safe

· Focus Area 2: Relationships

· Focus Area 3: Recognising and reporting abuse

More information can be found on the KS:CPC website: Please contact your child’s classroom teacher if you have any questions about the curriculum.

Our desks now in PNG village school

After the long journey to PNG, our gifted desks are now in Samban School classrooms, ready for a new chapter!
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St Columba’s Worm Café

We are lucky to have our worms back in action. Our community garden now has two worm cafes set up and working. The scraps that your children put in the worm buckets each day become food for the worms, who in turn, produce worm wiz to make our community garden beds grow beautiful, healthy plants.

Thanks to our two Year Six Environmental Minsters Emma and Will, and the Year Five worm farmers Harry, Aiden, Xavier, Arabelle and Arabella for helping Kevin from the Worm Shed to set up and maintain our worms’ cafes.

You definitely won’t want a coffee from this café!

Mrs Crugnale and the Worm Farmers

Worm Farm Coming to St Columba’s!

All Year 2-6 classes will attend a P&F funded worm farm incursion session in Week 3 – see schedule below.

Worm Farm Incursion Schedule Y2-6 classes

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Worm Farm Incursion Details – Action Item for Parents

All students will need to collect a clear plastic drink bottle each to make their mini worm farm(1.25L bottles are best). We will begin collecting these from tomorrow, Friday 28 April. We also ask parents to please bring in any extras from your homes if available.

We ask parents to cut the necks off the bottles so that they become a cylinder shape and label these with your child’s name before sending into your child’s classroom prior to the incursion.

Refer to photo below:

Classroom teachers will collect the bottles in advance of the incursion and bring them on the day.

This is an exciting P & F sponsored incursion to increase sustainability in the school garden space.

Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

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P&F News

Hi everyone,

This week we kicked off our co-curricular basketball run by Perth Redbacks. It is great to see so much excitement and interest in the co-curricular opportunities the P&F have been organising. A special thanks must go to Mr. Yock and Mr. Chatt for your support with this.

I would like to welcome our Year 4 P&F representative Callie Fort to the team. Callie is also new to St Columbas, with her son William joining Year 4. Welcome onboard Callie :)

This Sunday the P&F and DOSC (Dads of St Columba's) will be supporting Camp Australia in the State Handball Championships held at our school. Thank you to everyone involved.

Don’t forget, the P&F Mothers Day Event for the whole school is next Wednesday, 10 May from 7:30am-8:50am. So come on down at whatever time suits you. The Year 2 dads are leading this event, so mums, you don’t want to miss it!

We hope the children enjoy the worm farm incursions next week.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Hayley Mitchell

P&F President

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2023 Dad's of St. Columba's Footy Tipping Competition

Hello St. Columba’s Families,

Footy tipping results will be in next weeks newsletter.



Entertainment Books

The year starts from the date of purchase of your Entertainment Book.

Scholastic Books - Orders due 10th May

Book Club Issue 3

Orders due by Wednesday, 10 May

Cash payments are no longer accepted. Payments can be made by credit card - Visit or download the LOOP app. Your order will be electronically linked to the rest of your school's order. You do not need to complete the order form.

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School Term Dates for 2023

Term 2: Wednesday, 26 April to Friday, 30 June 2023

Term 3: Monday, 17 July to Friday, 21 September 2023

Term 4: Monday, 9 October to Friday, 8 December 2023

Pupil Free Days for 2023

Term 2: Monday 24 April, Monday 15 May and Friday 2 June

Term 3: Friday 22 September

Term 4: None

Sacrament Dates for 2023

Confirmation: Saturday, 27 May at 6pm

Eucharist: Sunday, 7 May at 9:30am

Reconciliation: Saturday, 11 November at 10am