What I've Realized...

How Greek culture is different than American culture

Love One Another

Greeks at first don't come across that much different from Americans but once you have lived by them for a little bit, subtle differences start to appear. For instance people from Greece are much more caring for the needy than people in the United States are. Hundreds of stray dogs reside in Greece and are well fed by the locals. Just them giving their scraps makes a hefty meal for the dogs. On the other hand, America has stray dogs too who are starved and in no way as well treated and fed as the Grecian dogs. Another example of the difference in the care for the less fortunate between the two countries is how Greece deals with refugees. Even though not all Grecians want refugees in their country, and the country is not financially able to support them, they still have lots of programs and help for the incoming people. However, America has a more hostile attitude towards the refugee situation. While some do help, most Americans take a neutral stance to the situation, neither helping or discouraging the cause. My realization since living in Greece has been that the citizens live out the Golden Rule much better than the Americans do.