Elephant run

a book report by Faiz Maknojia

De'ja' vu all over again?

Things at London in 1941 in September weren't going too well at Nick's place. First, the bombing then his apartment going on fire. This attack was called a blitz, which was 57 consecutive days. Are things getting unstable at his place? Does he need to migrate somewhere else?

Things at Pearl harbor wasn't going any better in December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor got bombed by Japan and killed 68 people and wounded 30 people. When Japan bombed U.S without warning things became awful. The president of U.S said that U.S wasn't going to enter World War II, Japan came and did a 110 min attack (1 hr 50 min) which caused U.S to enter World War II which killed more immigrants of U.S. Was this De'ja' vu?

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Pearl Harbor Day Attack

Women rights still going on?

Are women rights still going on? In Elephant Run apparently it is. This is Burma so it is kind of expected but remember this is 1941. So is it still going on in the world?

Well, in this story Mya is not happy about having to be a girl for several reasons. One reason is that Mya cannot be a mahout because of her gender. This is not fair to her because at that time in America and England women had rights so Mya is very angry about this. She is thinking that probably she lives in a country that is the only country which women don't have rights. Lets find out!!!

Unfortunately for Mya even if she wanted to live in the future Burma still didn't have women rights. If she traveled into South Arabia she wouldn't get rights. She could travel to U.S. or England and have the rights over there. Well she that's what she did. She went to Alice Springs and now has rights!!

Hard times

In Elephant Run the Japanese take over and take Burmans and more people to build a railway. Did they actually do this in real life?

They actually did take prisoners not only from Burma but other places of the world as well to make the Burma- Thailand railway. 61,000 Prisoners of War were forced to work in the most atrocious conditions. The railway was 421kms long of single track and 1mg gauge, was constructed in a little over 12 months. over this period of time about 13,000 POW died. this included 6,500 British, 2,700 Austrians and 2,800 Dutch.

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