7th Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Henderson

Unit Kickoff: "Children Have the Right To..."

This week, we will be kicking off our argumentation unit, "Children Have the Right To..."This unit focuses on the skill of arguing a claim and supporting it with logical reasoning, evidence, and elaboration. Students will be reading about topics related to the rights of children as well as conducting a short research project on a topic related to the "Children's Bill of Rights" document.

In order to get students to think about backing up their claims with evidence, we will start the week trying to solve a mystery with an activity called "Slip or Trip?" Students will be making a claim based on what they have learned about the case and supporting their claim using evidence.


Last week, students completed a close "reading" of a film. Students analyzed how directors use techniques such as sound, lighting, and camera angles to create a certain mood. Students also continued to practice the important skills of reading with a question in mind and text annotation.

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