About the country

I am going to talk about music,food,religions,population,activities they do.Just about every thing.That you would want to no

Time to start the information


rice,oranges,steak,apples,spices,fruits,vegetable,chicken,and main stuff like that.And peppers.


This some of the music that Algerians listen to.
Babylone Zina Official Music Video


they have a very powerful military.They are all disciplined.
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They have modern boats,buses,cars,and planes.and trains.


Lots of exotic animals in Algeria.Elephants,monkeys,zebras,And ETC.O And camels.

shelter and homes

Stone houses,brick houses,And apartments

Land discription

The land in Algeria is dessert,grasslands,urban,they have villages,And in some places they have small Mountains and no rain forest.

body's of water

Algeria is close to a sea called Mediterranean sea.The ocean we are by is Atlantic ocean.And we have some lakes.Also rivers leading and going to the sea and the ocean.


Algeria has lots of people that speak different tongs.Like Spanish,English,french ETC.


In Algeria lots of people have different religion like Buddhism,christian,catholic what every they believe.


In some parts of Algeria the schools and education is poor.In some parts it is rich.Kids get full lunches.Some don't


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popular activities

they have a sport called soccer.Another name for it is football.
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This is the end of my flyer i hoped you en joyed bye!! (: