Digital Safety

What do you really know about it?

Would you ever upload an inappropriate picture online? If you send it to anyone, it could end up on the web.

  • The only people you can trust on the internet are the people you know personally.

  • Even then you should not send pictures unless you are comfortable with everyone being able to access them.

  • It is your fault if pictures you sent to someone end up online.

  • If this does ever happen, you should talk to someone you trust or contact someone from Think u Know or a similar organization. They will always listen and keep whatever you tell them between you and them (unless they think that someone's life might be in danger).

Matt Thought He Knew

Think twice before you do anything on the Web!

Think twice before you:

  • add or accept someone you don't know
  • post or send pictures; once you have sent something, there's no deleting it. It can stay on the web forever
  • talk to people you don't know on the internet. Anyone you talk to on the web can be a mass murderer for all you know...

What if your every move on the internet could be tracked down...?

  • Everything you do on the internet can be accessed by the police by Forensic Computing.
  • Therefore, other people you might not want to can see what you have been doing, where you are, where you live and who your friends are.
  • This information can be accessed by any person on the internet IF your settings on your profile (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) are on Public.
  • You should never do this, even if it is considered cool to have many "friends" on Social Networking sites, because you can never know who is watching.
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There is always someone you can talk to!

Some ways which criminals can access your private information and ways you can prevent this from happening

PIN numbers

PINs stands for personal identification numbers. You need a pin when you have a credit card. You use it whenever making a transaction with the credit card either by depositing or withdrawing cash or paying directly by card. PINs are also required for online ordering. Only you should know the PIN and it should be something hard for someone else to find out. However, it is important that you remember the PIN.

Biometric Scanners

Biometric Scanners are a system created for safety. By looking at a person’s handwriting, hand geometry, voiceprints, iris structure and vein structure it can identify who that person is. It is almost impossible to pretend to be someone else when using biometric scanners. They can sometimes be found at Airports, hospitals, hotels, grocery stores and many more.


Encryption is a way to have security when dealing with private information on the internet. It is usually a around a 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 key combination which only two computers know. That way, only these two computers know the combination it is very hard for someone or a computer to crack it.

Forensic Computing

The purpose of computer forensics techniques is to search, preserve and analyse information on computer systems to find potential evidence for a trial. It is a system by which the police can have access to your personal information online. This can be dangerous because if the police can access it, so can some criminals.

Ways how criminals can access your private information

There are lots of ways by which criminals can access your private information and pretend to be you if you're not careful!

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