Thomas Jefferson

Democratic Republican

political party point of veiw

he believed in a strong interpretation and believed that agriculture with a back bone of our nation.he believed in more people voting.


foreign policy

Thomas Jefferson in the right corner he throws the first punch and knocks him out with closing all ports to the British so the British would stop kid napping our people.Thomas Jefferson beat John Adams in a fight where we couldn't sail foreign ports just like Washington.

domestic policy

Thomas Jefferson is in the ring with John Adams,Thomas Jefferson wins the fight by knocking out the French from the Louisiana purchase.Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the U.S with the Louisiana purchase.

leadership qualities

he helped doubled the size of our U.S nation but did not spend much money because he brought it for bets are on Thomas Jefferson because he did not believe in the alien and sedition act he because if there are no aliens there will not be much fighting for trespassing to america.Thomas Jefferson would not let British ships on our ports if they they tried to come he would knock them out of the ring.