TheWednesday Wars By Gary D Schmidt

By Lexi Hargroder

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September - This month is the month where Holling Hoodhood starts school and he thinks that his teacher doesn't like him. And Doughs brother got knocked out by a soccer ball and hollong didn't mean to do it

October - In this month Holling was cleaning the rats cages and he messed up and the rats escaped and climbed in to the vents and holling started to lean shakespeare

November - In november he learned more shakespeare and one day Ms. Baker had some cream puffs for something and Holling was cleaning the erasers and when he did that some chalk dust got into the cream puffs and when the class came in they thought the cream puffs were for them and then one of the kids said " Did Ms. Baker give you a cream puff ". So the kids made a bet with him the bet was if he could get cream puffs for the whole class he would not be dead and if he didn't he would be dead.

December - Holling had to get some more cream puff because the rats ate them so he went to the bakery and the baker said why don't you help me put on a shakespeare play and you can be a fairy with yellow tights and feathers on the butt

January- In this month Holling is embarrassed because some on took picture of him in his tights and dough put up posters in the school and embarrassed holling

February - In this month Holling asks a girl out on valentines day date and Ms.Bakers husband is missing

March - In this month Holling had to participate in a cross country for his school and the rats get run over by a bus

April - In this month Holling's old principle left and Ms.Sidman became principle Holling participate in the race that they prepared for in march and he won the race

May- In this month Holling goes on a field trip with Ms.Baker to a church and there Holling lit a candle at the church

June - In this month Ms.Baker take the class on a field trip and there they collect strawberries and then Ms.Baker and her husband are reunited with each other


Holling - A boy who has to survive a yer of 7th grade

Ms.Baker - Hollings teacher who taught him to read shakespeare

Ms.Sidman - A teacher who got embarrassed and then later she became principal

Dough - A kid who embarrassed Holling in Januray

Heather HoodHood - Hollings sister

Mr.HoodHood - Holling's Dad

Mr. Goldman - He loves shakespeare and owner if a bakery

Mickey Mantle - a Yankee outfielder who refuses to sign a autograph for Holling

Joe Peptone- Yankee player who played with Holling

Horace Clarke- Yankee player who plays with Holling

Sycorax and Caliban - the rats in Ms.Bakers room

Conflict what type it is and why

Holling has to stay with Ms.Baker and Holling thinks that Ms.Baker hates him and they type of the book is historical fiction because historical fiction mean that it has some dates in it

Main Plot

1. Holling HoodHood is in the 7th grade

2. He has to stay st school because he is not christian or jewish

3. Ms.Baker makes some cream puffs and holling gets chalk dust all over them

4. Ms.Baker teaches Holling some shakespeare

5. When the class came in the classroom and saw the cream puffs they thought they were for them

6. Holling said they weren't and one kid said " If Ms. Baker gives you one your are dead"

7.Ms.baker gives Holling a cream puff and the class is mad and all the kids said "Bring us some cream puffs in 10 days or you will be dead"

8. When holling asked for the cream puffs he was 2.00 off so he could't buy them

9. Mr.Goldman the owner of the bakery asks Holling knows shakespeare and hes does

10. So Mr. Goldman gives him cream puffs for free because he knows shakespeare

11. Holling has to be a fairy in a shakespeare play

12. Holling wants to get an autograph from a base ball player but hes doesn't make it in time

13 Holling gets embarrassed in front of the whole school

14 Holling and his friends get to play ball with two yankee players

15. Ms. Baker's husband returns home safe


"There must be some gene that switches on at the birth of the first-born child, and suddenly stuff like that starts to come out of their mouths. It's like they haven't figured out that the language you're using is English, and they should be able to understand what you're saying. Instead, you pull a string on them, and a bad record plays."
(Gary D. Schmidt Page 7 )


Schmidt D.Gary The Wednesday Wars Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company 2007 4/26/16