Post Cold War Culture


What: Federal Communications Commissions

Time Period: 1950's

Location: The United States

Cause&Outcome of Event or Person

Cause: Chirman Newton Minow was concerned (along with many others) about T.V. becoming a problem and useless.

Reason: One of his thoughts was that children would become "glued" to the screen and that T.V. was junk.


Significance: Even 50 plus years since this we are trying to take action towards kids being "glued" to the screen by getting the government involved. I felt this topic was something people who didn't live through a large T.V. boom could connect with.

To Whom; Authority figures still struggle with kids being far too attached to the screen. Maybe Newton Minow had a good vision...

Interstate Highway Act


What: Interstate Highway Act is created to authorize the building of a national highway network

Time Period: 1956

Location: The U.S.

Cause and Outcome of Event or Person:

Cause: The war was over and people had money so many cars were being sold.

Reason: There were so many cars being sold so people wanted to travel and get places fast.

Result: President Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act to create the highway network that expands over 41,000 miles of the country.


Significance: Without the highway network that Eisenhower helped create we would not be able to travel across the country or get to places as fast as we are able to now.

To Whom: All Americans