New Rural Public Transportation

envida Starts New Route through Ellicott

Starting Jan 31st, envida will be picking up twice a week from Fuel B's and Ellicott Schools, transporting riders to and from Colorado Springs for $5 each way. From envida drop-off locations, you can easily connect with the Metro bus system.

This resource, open to the public, is great for doctors appointments, volunteering, work, community college, or even recreation! Tickets can be purchased with exact cash in person or on the HopThru App.

For more information, read the press release below and visit the envida website.

Press Release

envida’s new public transportation service along Highway 94 begins on January 31, 2020. This second rural public route for envida, first announced last June, will improve access to services for those living in scarcely populated eastern El Paso County.

envida’s rural route from Calhan to Colorado Springs, begun 15 months ago, has been a successful, affordable transportation option,” says envida CEO Gail Nehls, “and it has positioned us to expand further into eastern El Paso County. We are excited to support more people, where they want to live, while connecting them to the services unavailable in their local communities.”

The new route serves the communities of Rush, Yoder, and Ellicott with fixed times and stops. It will begin with service on Wednesdays and Fridays, starting at 9:00 a.m. from Fuel B’s in Ellicott. The route will proceed to the Ellicott Schools before its first run into Colorado Springs and a first stop at Peterson Rd. and Galley Rd., where riders can transfer to Mountain Metro and get to multiple locations in town. Its second stop will be Walmart at Palmer Park and Powers, followed by a stop near First and Main shopping area, terminating at Penrose St. Francis near Woodmen and Powers Blvd.

As the bus returns to eastern El Paso County for its second run, it will proceed all the way to Rush, arriving at 11:31 a.m. The second run will then stop in Yoder and Ellicott before heading into Colorado Springs. As the second run ends, the bus will return to Rush by 3:25 p.m. A third run will hit all stops again, ending the day in Rush at 6:32 p.m.

“We will start with two days of service,” adds Nehls. “We have learned it takes time to build trust and relationships with riders, and to that end we are pleased to have two drivers on staff from eastern El Paso County. It’s important to us that we provide a service that is comfortable for residents and best meets their needs.” The cost of the service is identical to the cost for envida’s Calhan route: Anyone from the public can ride for $5 each way, and anyone over age 60 may ride for free.

envida has based its plan on data and feedback from area residents, including attendees of the monthly lunch for seniors in Ellicott, as well as local schools, churches, and businesses. As demand for the service grows, envida will adapt and alter route times, days, and even stops. For example, envida will pick up and drop off riders along the route between stops, if riders notify envida in advance by calling 633-4677. Also, per its promises, envida will not leave any rider in town who has planned for a return trip.

For questions or comments, please contact Dave Somers, envida’s outreach and development director, at 719-425-2202 or Also, please call if you would like to reserve a seat on envida’s inaugural run on Jan. 31. See you on the bus!

Disability Services Inc., dba envida, is a nonprofit founded in 1971, and its mission is to promote access and support independent living with dignity. It accomplishes its mission through transportation and in-home support services for older adults, those with disabilities and low-income individuals. It began its public transportation service in October 2018 from Calhan to Colorado Springs to increase access for residents seeking medical, educational, employment, and even shopping and entertainment services. The organization’s vision is to lead the nation in integrating services that connect people to community.