by: Lucciano Fernandes-Rubinos

My ancestors country

My ancestors country is Peru, my grandparents were born in Lima the capital of Peru. This city is located in the central coast of Peru, next to the Pacific Ocean. My great grandparents were born in the capital also(Lima).They worked in a textile industry together that participated in the 8-hour day movement, which means the worked for eight hours, had free time for 8 hours and rested for 8 hours.

In Peru the official language is Spanish but in the Sierra they speak Quechua and Aimara, I know some words also some words like:

- ama sua = don't be a robber

- ama llulla = don't be a liar

- ama quella = don't be lazy

The Incas Empire they used these three words like laws to guarantee the good behavior of the people.

Peru has a democratic government, the president is Ollanta Humala. The principal industries are:

- mining (gold, silver, zinc, lead,oil, and gas)

- fishing, Peru is the number 1 producer of fish flour in the world.

- agriculture-Peru produces more than 4,000 varieties of potatoes, quinoa, asparagus, corn, tomatoes, strawberry, rice, and a big variety of fruit and vegetables.


And in Spanish there is hola(hello) you may know that but there are other words like:

. bandera = flag

. playa = beach

. montana = mountain

. pais = country

. adios = bye

. arena = sand

. rio = river

Peruvian flag, map, and history


My favorite food (Peruvian food) is Ceviche it is made with fish, crawfish, lime, and some dressings and it sometimes comes with sweet potato, lettuce, and corn.

There is a variety of food in Peru, because Peru has 3 different regions and they all have different animals, food, and weather. Some foods have funny names like:

- Pachamanca

- papa a la Huancaina

- Juanes

- Causa Limena

- Anticucho


There is a lot of music in Peru the one with a lot of tubes is called Zampona, there is a little guitar called Charango, and there is one that looks like a fluet called Quena, Cajon Peruano is a drum made out of wood, and Pututu made out of a giant seashell