Walkthrough Form

How to Get Started

To decide what to include on your form, consider:

  • Common language for teaching and learning
  • What do you want to see, what are your "look fors?"
  • What kind of data you want to collect?
  • What you are going to do with the data?

Create the form using Google Forms

  • Checkboxes are best for collecting data
  • Make "Comments" a separate question
  • Use Dropdowns for observer email if more than one, teacher name and teacher email
  • Make questions you want answered every time "Required"
  • If multiple buildings, create a Form and Feedback Template, then rename and personalize; or if you want to collect all data on one spreadsheet of responses make the building a Dropdown as well
  • Check the settings tab
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Create the Feedback Template

The feedback template will autofill once the walkthrough form is submitted. Use the add-on autoCrat to merge the form information with the feedback template which is automatically sent to the teacher's email.

Get the add-on autoCrat on your spreadsheet (you only have to do this once)

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"autoCrat" Google Sheets Add-on Tutorial Video

autoCRAT Launch

  • click on Add-ons
  • click on autoCRAT
  • click on autoCRAT Launch
  • choose the template (from your drive)
  • check to make sure the columns line up with the merge
  • name the folder(where the documents will be stored in your Drive)
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Preview the Merge

Preview the feedback form before you use send it for the first time to make sure it looks the way you want it to look. If you need to make changes you can edit your feedback template by clicking edit template in the upper righthand corner.

Good Luck!