The RIGHT way to live

America- The way we live

After WW2, things started going awry. However, my husband and I believed in the traditional values of America. In spite of this ludicrous revolution, my husband and I made sure to sit down with our kids to reestablish the American dream; With hard work and determination, anyone can achieve anything. As for how we dressed and styles ourselves, my husband was always clean shaven, had short hair, and wore suits. Every morning, I get up and head to the hairdressers in one of my many dresses and get my hair and makeup done.

Drugs and Music

Drugs are bad and the music that those hippies listen to just promotes those drugs. That's why I keep my children very sheltered so they don't conform to the ways of the wrong.

Love the right way

Even when my husband and I fought, we could not separate because once you choose someone you love, you stay with them for the rest of your life. Our daughter told us of her friend who wanted to move in with her boyfriend all because they were in "love." I believe that is completely unacceptable and I made sure my daughter was aware of that.
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