By: Wendy Mass


Where: School, Home, the mall,

When: School time, Fall

Characters: Rory Swenson (Main Character

Main Conflict: Rory finally turns twelve and has list of everything she can do, but is it all what she had hoped for?

Rising Action

  • Rory starts off her list by making coffee, but what happens when she drinks to much of it, shes bouncing off walls.
  • Time for a phone.... She goes and buys a phone but on her way out she loses it. What will she do now??
  • Its time to stay home alone but she starts hearing noises so she runs upstairs and lock herself in the bathroom without her phone and with headphones on.
  • One thing on Rorys list is to start wearing makeup but when she gets taken to the all natural makeup store at the mall she has a.. sort of reaction to the whole thing.
  • She wants to start shaving but she does it without her moms consent.
  • Rory buys the bunny of her dreams, or her nightmares. Her bunny is not cuddly like he was at the store.
  • She wants to get her ears pierced but she picks out gold earrings and finds out shes allergic to gold when her ears turn into elephant ears.
  • Throughout all of this she was helping different people with different things like:
  • She got a dog back for an elderly woman
  • She helped a boy by going and getting his book for him
  • She helped a girl get into a ballet class
  • She helped a woman get a job at a library
  • She helped a boy find his right class
  • She helped a girl kiss Jake Harrison
  • She gave a boy a dollar to buy dog food
  • She somehow knew all of these people


She is at her first boy/girl party but wants to leave so she waits out front. She ends up going to a girl she met's house and meeting her family. When she meets them she is surprised to see who they are. Turns out she has met them before.. But where? Read Finally to find out


Things may not turn out as you hoped, but something else good might come out of it.

Characterization: how it makes a character come to life

Example: shaving for the first time pg 190; I chose this because it explains how Rory tries to do things on her list but it somehow always turns out bad. When Rory tried shaving she ended up with bad looking legs.

Example: getting ears pierced pg 217; I chose this because it explains how the character how the character has an allergy but tried getting something done. It ended up bad because she is allergic to the earrings she put in.

Example: getting contacts pg 254-258; it's important because Rory really wants contacts but when she tries to get them it just damages her eyes. Things don't really work for her and through characterization it explains what they do about it. In conclusion, the main character Rory, in the the book Finally, shows who she is in many ways through characterization.

Figurative Language

In the book Finally there are many examples of figurative language. One example is at the part where they're at a babysitting class. The author writes, "this is your Babysitters Training Handbook. It is your new bible." This is figurative language because it compares something without using the words like or as. I chose this example because it uses a good metaphor. Another strong example is where her little brother was calling her a pirate because of her eye patch from her damaged eye. In conclusion this story used a lot of good figurative language.

Shes been waiting her whole life

Dialogue Examples

"You don't know what you want, until you get what you need. " The old woman said.

"What do you mean?" Rory asked.

"You will find out." She replied.

"So, whatcha looking at?" She asked casually. Almost to casually. I'm suddenly on the alert.

"Is there something I should be looking at?"

"I don't know. That's sort of your thing, ya know?"

This girl isn't making much sense. "What's my thing?"

"You know, how you see things."

"I'm not sure what you mean. I'm just looking at everyone." I gesture the crowd.

She shakes her head. "No other people look. You see. Looking isn't the same as seeing." And with that completely bizarre statement, she gets up and leaves.