The Rhoades School - SAMR in Action

Technology Integration at The Rhoades School

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Video of the SAMR Model - By Common Sense Media

Introduction to the SAMR Model

SAMR as a Continuum - Resonating Quote

"As one moves along the continuum, computer technology becomes more important in the classroom but at the same time becomes invisibly woven into the demands of what good teaching and learning looks like"

-Dr. Rueben Puentedura

What is Redefinition?

"Tech allows for the creation of new tasks previously inconceivable"

SAMR Reflection: How do we move towards "Redefinition"?

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How do we accomplish tasks that were once unimaginable?

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Rethinking the possibilities of what can be done with technology within a classroom while maintaining integrity and rigor in the curriculum

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Take a walk around The Rhoades School:

Kindergarten - Utilizing an application called Endless Alphabet

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Kindergarten and First Grade - Working with Bee-Bots

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First Grade - Puppet Edu - Reading

Reading Assessment

The students used an app called Shadow Puppet Edu to record themselves reading a chapter from A Bug, A Bear, and A Boy. This was a book the students had been reading during our guided reading groups. The recording provided the students with an opportunity to practice their fluency and expression. In addition, they were also able to hear themselves read which launched a discussion on their own personal assessment of their fluency and expression.

First Grade - Educreations - Math

Math Assessment

The students were learning how to subtract double digit numbers with regrouping. At the beginning of the process the students relied on pictures and models to help with the regrouping. In the video, the student is using the app Educreations to show how to solve a subtraction problem two ways, using base 10 blocks as well as the standard algorithm.

Top Ten Rhoades School Playground Rules Created by the First Grade Teachers Using

Second Grade - BeeBots Robotic Programming

Second Graders Researching North American Animals

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Third Graders Researching Symbols of California

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Fourth Grade - Process Board and Redefined Study of Government - Utilizing Kahoot! to demonstrate understanding

Students utilized Kahoot to interactively expand their study of the U.S. Governement
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Fifth Grade - Creation Books

"Through the writing process of our creation stories, we analyzed Native American creation myths and looked at the elements of the stories and wrote our own."

- Fifth Grade Student

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SAMR in Mathematics

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Tech in Tech

Building and Programming a Car

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Video of Car Shapes Project

VideoControlling Robot Race Car (1)


Flow Chart for Grab the Ball Project

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Video of Grab the Ball Project


Technology Integration in 4th and 5th Grade Spanish

Describe un Amigo

Fourth graders used Educreations to write and narrate a descriptive paragraph in Spanish about a classmate. Students posted their projects to a class padlet. Students read and listened to their classmates projects, and projects were shared with families.

Berto y Sus Buenas Ideas

Fifth graders read a mini-novel in Spanish called Berto y Sus Buenas Ideas. They researched one of the locations in the book on the Internet and wrote a paragraph in English about the place. Next, they wrote a paragraph in Spanish about Berto’s adventure in this location. Some students narrated their projects.

Que Problems

Fifth graders wrote stories in Spanish entitled ¡Qué Problema! (What a problem!) using vocabulary from our text. Students created iMovies, narrating their stories and writing Spanish subtitles. Projects were shared on a class padlet.

Blogs in Middle School Literature


In the 6th through 8th grade literature classes we utilize blogs to check on learning comprehension. The first layer of learning is reading together in a whole group,breaking down vocabulary and relating back to Words Within a Word. Next layer is discussions of recurring themes, motifs, and quotes.

Then in class, in small groups they discuss their vision or opinions of the book t was read, then purposefully go through the process of constructing the most important elements for learning.

After they have create their document they share on a classroom blog.

Middle School Social Studies - Utilizing iBooks

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Middle School Film Elective - Genre Trailer - Mrs. Schramm

Genre Trailer.mp4

Best Practice - Turning Around Training

This year I was able to help facilitate the sharing of best practices with the lens of SAMR amongst our faculty by encouraging my colleagues to share the effective SAMR work they were implementing in their classrooms. Several of our faculty meetings began with presentation of best practice along the SAMR continuum.

Next Year's Vangauad PD

For next year, I would like some more training on Apple products so I can be more effective as a Vanguard Teacher Trainer.
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