Keeping Pace

Special Education Update

February 5, 2016

EdPlan Updates and the Golden Message Board

Perhaps your greatest friend in the EdPlan system is the Message Board. It appears immediately when you log in, and holds critical information for you. Updates are coming regularly now - at least twice a month.

There is a committee of approximately 12 SE Directors who meet monthly with PCG to discuss EdPlan and recommend changes, which are generally compliance driven. Please know that each change is carefully considered, and made to continue to drive compliant IEP's, eliminate the opportunity for errors, and pull accurate and current data. I encourage you to read the message board each time you enter EdPlan, and call if you have questions.

Plea for Attention to Detail

We are experiencing an increase in amendments to IEP's at a noticeable rate. No mystery here - our paper-heavy world of special education leaves many opportunities to miss small details. I love the concept of streamlining a process to the point of touching a document once (this will be my SE utopia) and not looking back. Your attention to the details of each and every document - REED, MET, IEP, and even AMENDMENTS is critical.

We are now amending amendments that amended original documents....Each time we are amending, we open ourselves to additional opportunities to fall out of compliance with our documents and timelines. I encourage you to save your time and energy by spending a few additional moments to front load your focus on details.

Special Olympics Winter State Games

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Our Special Olympic athletes have been north for several days participating in the Winter SO State Games. This is quite a fine looking team! I encourage you to check in with these students and congratulate them on their participation on another successful event.