Classes and other Classes


I enjoyed my Web2.0 because we got to make logos,wright short stories, Make avatars and a lot more and we added it to are website that we made in class. Unlike like last year when I already knew every thing the class was teaching. I learned a few new skills and tips that I use when I'm at home

The Day System

During all 3 years I was in middle school There has been a day system. The system is very simple on day 1s you have one class and on day 2s you have another class that you didn't have on day 1. I dislike this system for many reasons. For one when you have a day 1 week (a day 1 week is a week where you have more day 1s then you have day 2s) or a day 2 week and the week ends 1 day early do to a vacation or a snow day they start the week again. for exemple if it was a day 1 week and the week ended on thursday for whatever reason the next week will be day 1 as well.