Who's to Blame?

Tina Short

Is Bruce Ismay to blame?

I believe that Bruce Ismay is to blame. He was the President of the White Star Line and helped with actual plans of the Titanic. It seems that Bruce took too many "shortcuts" in trying to save money while the safety of the passengers was being jeopardized.
Did The Titanic Really Sink?

Did Captain Smith have anything to do with the sinking?

A captain is always in charge of what happens on a ship. He is the man in charge, and passengers put their trust in his decision making. On that fateful night, Captain Smith made a competitive decision to speed up the boat to an extreme speed of 22 Knots. He wanted to be the first person to sail across the North Atlantic Ocean in a record amount of time withing 6 days. This was a huge reason for the ship hitting the iceberg. Since the ship was traveling too fast, the lookout crew did not have enough time to warn the Captain about the quickly approaching iceberg.

How was Harland and Wolff involved?

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