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Here I lay, hungover and wondering why in the hell I thought staying up till 2am on a Wed. for arenas remotely resembled a good idea. About 5 minutes into this process of questioning my sanity, motivations, and decision making abilities I busted out in laughter. I remembered just how excited I became when, after about 20 arenas, I used bubble. (For those curious and in need of more background info: The night unexpectedly turned into beer and arenas on my brand new level 20 Holy Paladin) You see, it took me a good 15 games to realize I had the ability and another 5 to actually use it. The best part: I cannot even take full credit for hitting the keybind.

Chops and Rise would not shut the hell up. Chiming in with ‘You have Bubble, Use it’, ‘Yoube, did you remember to bubble today?’, ‘YOUBE WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, DO YOU REFUSE TO BUBBLE YOUR SEXY SELF?’ As you can imagine, when I finally hit the magical button and exclaimed it with intoxicated pride over Skype the three of us started laughing as though we had just finished watching TED interview scene. Seriously, you would have thought I Orange Marmaladed that ish with how the three of us reacted.

Needless to say, we did not post a ’72 Dolphins-esque record. In fact, I think we went somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-18. In short, me+arena+shots+beer+new toon=winning. Lots and lots of winning. Winning is that thing that happens when your team dies first right? Sort of like a race, but the finish line is six feet under instead of a 100 meters in front of you. You know what though? It ended up being an incredibly fun night. The three of us laughed at my ineptitude, the fact we actually won a game (maybe two, most likely one though), or even made some of them competitive the whole time. It reinforced a pretty important point to me: Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and laugh at yourself. Well, that, or you could just blame everyone else. Actually, yea. I like that idea. You suck Rise! How hard is it to Huntard Chops?? Goshhhhh. Why don’t you guys bubble your damn selves if it is so easy to hit a single ability that will save your life and possibly result in victory instead of a soul crushing defeat you elitist a-holes.

Seriously though. The ability to laugh at your own dumb ass mistakes from time to time is important. In both World of Warcraft and that world which exist beyond the monitor. Think of a Battleground minus that one guy (or girl, not trying to discriminate on a particular genders jackassitude) who bitches and moans about how every else is a worthless nub. Never once does this lovable scamp consider he (or she) just might hold a bit of the blame in their own hands. The inability to accept and recognize your own mistakes will dramatically effect your ability to improve as well.

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I can assure you of one thing and one thing only as a result of last night. No matter how many drinks accidentally spill into my mouth, Bubble will be used. It may not be at the right time. It may happen by accident before the gates open. But, believe this, Bubble will be used and I will crack a smile every damn time.