Oregon trail

By Catherine Besner

Day 1,April 25,1824

I, Kate Black am the oldest sister of my family. My parents died and I have 3 brothers, James, Frank and Michel Black and 3 sisters, Ruby, Alice and Johanna Black. We are from Kentucky and we are moving west on the Oregon Trail. The first days of our journey are easy and calm. After a few days we came upon the Missouri river, an Indian proposes us to use his fairy for 25$. We decide to take the ferry and cross safely. Later on, we have our first hunting session and we forgot to bring all the materials to hunt.

Day 2

The next 3 week are easy. But then one of the wagons rolled over my sister leg and her leg is broken. We tried our best to fix her leg and home she will heal well. Later on, we meet an old man who makes our wagon leader take a test to see if they are men, our wagon leader failed and we lost money. After a few days, we came upon the San Flats River, my family and I refuse to pay to take the ferry but didn't pass safely and lost materials in the water. Later on, we have pass the first part of the trail! But the trail split up and we decide to take the burial ground trail even if it is heard that the spirits of the dead Native American will hunt and kill us if we step on their ground.

Day 3

To this day we have been safely passing trough the burial ground trail. Then a scorpion goes into Emily's boot and it bites her. We hope she will heal fast! After a few days we came upon dirty water and have to find a successful way to purify it to drink it. Later on the Native American attacked us we circled our wagon to protect ourselves but one of our wagon member got hit in the arm. We hope he will recover fast. Then the trail split itself again and we choose to go on the San Flats trail. The comment on this trail were mixed up, people said it was very dangerous and low on resources but I have heard that recently a men passed trough that trail and passed safely and had a lot of resources. I hope we will pass safely!

Day 4

The trail stop here, the road we take is blocked and we have to choose a new road. We decide to choose the Massacre Road. We are attacked by the Native American and only lost materials. We entered the dessert and its really hot and there is no water source. Today 5 member of my family died, Ruby, Alice, Frank, Michel and Johanna. The whole family of Matt and himself also died today, all because of intense heat and not enough water. Later on, we cross trough the mountains and came upon snow problem. Our wagon decides to go trough the snow. As we go we get stuck in the snow unable to get any resources. After going trough all of our supplies turn to cannibalism and all died out of eating each other or freezing to death.