Third Grade Cardinal Chronicle

September 28, 2015

Ms. Bousman's Class

Volunteers In the Classroom!!

I know many of you are wanting to start volunteering. We will have both Math and Reading Workshop up and running next week, and there are always clerical things to do in the classroom. If you want to volunteer, simply shoot me an email what day you would like to come in, and I will let you know what time works best for us. Please make sure you have a background check completed and you have watched the bullying video on the HSE website. Background checks are good for 3 years.

Parent teacher conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences this year at TCE will be a little different! We are all conducting Student Led Conferences! These conferences allow your child to be an important part by having them share their accomplishments and help create goals for the year. Teachers will be sending out directions on Wednesday, September 30th for parents to sign up electronically for a conference date between Monday, October 5th and Wednesday, October 21st. We can’t wait to celebrate your child’s learning with you!

Upcoming Dates to Remeber

  • Friday, October 2nd- 1/2 day for students
  • October 5-October 21- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 22 & 23- Fall Break- NO SCHOOL

Next Week's Special Area Classes

  • Monday- Day 2 Art
  • Tuesday- Day 3 PE
  • Wednesday- Day 4 Music
  • Thursday- Day 5 Art
  • Friday- Day 0 NO SPECIALS


  • Reading Workshop is in full swing...daily 5 and reading groups.
  • Students will continue to learn about strategies when reading independently.
  • We will learn new strategies to make our thinking visible when reading.


  • We will continue to practice rounding to the 10's 100's and 1,000's place, estimating sums and differences.
  • We will be adding using 3 or more digits with regrouping
  • We will continue with math workshop where the students practice math alone, with partners, and in groups while I get to know the students better as mathematicians.


  • We will continue writing our small moment stories this week.
  • We will work to make sure our stories have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • We will be editing and publishing our small moments
  • We will be sharing our small moments with our friends.


We will begin our unit over plants. We will be learning about the parts of the plants, their functions, and how humans and animals depend on plants.


We had our first mystery Skype with Ms. Grubbs's class. We used our knowledge of directions, hemispheres, the equator, the prime meridian, continents, and oceans.
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Fairgounds Study Trip

Our study trip to the fairgrounds was a huge success. The students learned how plants, animals, and humans all need each other. We were able to have a hands on experience with plants and animals as well as make and eat ice cream!

Grandparent's Day

Thank you all for getting the word out, getting grandparents and special friends to school, and helping with the day.

The students gave tours, explained our classroom, taught math games, and read stories with their grandparents and special friends! :)

I think I can say that both grandparents and grandchildren had a great time! :)


Liger Mile

The 2015 Liger XC Mile will take place on Thursday, October 15th at Hamilton Southeastern HS!! This race/run/walk is for ALL K- 6th grade students in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. School team scores will be kept for intermediate and elementary competition.

Background Checks & Anti-bullying Video

If you want to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips or eat lunch in the cafeteria, guests must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, contact the TCE office.