Nuclear Fission: How To

Scientist discovers the secrets to nuclear fission

About the scientist

At first glance, Caroline Koontz may not seem like your typical scientist. Clad in a "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" shirt and old jeans, she certainly doesn't look the part. Her lab is on a university campus. However, Miss Koontz has discovered the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source. The same type of energy that the sun has been burning on for billions of years. It emits no pollution, and has the potential to power the entire world.

Nuclear Fusion

How fusion works

According to the scientist: "Many people often confuse nuclear fusion with nuclear fission. But where fission, the source many people are familiar with, deals with splitting atoms, fusion deals with slamming them together at high speeds and 'fusing' them together."

Safety Concerns

"Naturally, many people will be concerned about using fusion, as they typically are with any new technology." Koontz said. "However, they will find the many benefits soon outweigh the few concerns." The big concern she mentions is the risk of meltdown, which she assures us, is slim.

Economic Impact

Once fusion is up and running, it will save the world billions in energy costs. Nuclear fusion, when compared with current methods of energy production, also generates much more energy. Nuclear fusion will allow us to live in a world without current energy limitations, such as lack of resources or pollution.