Soccket Energy Ball

Why This Is A Computer System

Soccket: The Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball

This ball is much more than a normal soccer ball, this is a portable generator that provides electricity with a kick.

Jessica Matthews, Co Founder

"We realized that the best motion you can capture is the rolling motion of the ball, not the bouncing motion. The ball is always rolling, whether it's on the air or on the ground." She says the new mechanism made the ball three times more energy-efficient per minute of play.
How It Works: The SOCCKET

About the energy powered soccer ball

Once the ball has been kicked around for 30 minutes or so, the kinetic energy is converted into 3 hours of electricity, this is enough to charge a cellphone. The more the ball rolls the more power is generated, so If you would like more hours of electricity, you will have to play with the ball for longer amounts of time. For example 72 hours of electricity would mean you have to play for 16 hours. Not only is this soccer ball for charging phones but it can be used for lighting, as all orders come with a lamp. This ball is a great source of energy and is a great way to produce electricity while having fun.
How It's Made: The SOCCKET