The American Victory!

By: McKenna Warnock


Our small thirteen colonies has overtaken the amazing British army and have successfully won! We are now an independent country! But, the main question is how did our thirteen colonies, beat the greatest economic and military power of our time? Was it our strength, or was it our heart? We will find out throughout this flyer. Learning some new never revealed background information and details about the American Revolution...

We won! We Have Independence from British Rule, and is now a free and governing country! We did it!

Significance On Other People

The whole thing that sparked the victory of the American Revolution, is the Declaration of Independence! It had impact on other countries. Some people including slaves were wondering if now they were free as well. People in other countries believed that maybe they are now free or rule from large countries. If they all now are free to be who they are, does that go for us as well?

"Independence is a prize worth fighting for"- Continental Army


The French helped the Americans drastically. They were our cheerleaders, but eventually joined and helped us out when we were down at our hardest. When they came in at Valley Forge it was a huge turning point for us. Now we know that we have the backs of other countries and that they were rooting for us as well. We give much thanks to Baron Friedrich Von who was in charge of training and helped our army. Also thanks go out to Marquis de Lafayette. Who gave his own money to pay for the mens warm clothing.

George Washington

This man, will forever be known as one of the best leaders. He led us to the victory. It was because of him and his allegiance that we now are a free country. Our little colonies are now the United States of America because of this amazing man!
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Things That Impacted The British

The British may have lost because of multiple reasons. They had all the resources and materials, but did they have the smarts? Did they have the heart. Did they come in fully prepared to possible...lose to the American Colonies? We also had the edge here. We knew the land, and the hiding places. The British didn't know it like we did. Was the long journeys over the Ocean an impact on them? Was it becoming just too expensive and tiring to keep traveling back and forth? Or were we just better?