Erianna Jaitzel Gomez

Born October 20, 2015


Erianna's father name is Josiah Gomez. We Met 3 years ago at the mall. He was living in Florida at the time but he was visiting family in Houston for a while. We maintained a long distance relationship for about a year and a half and then he moved back to Houston. About 5 weeks after his birthday we found out that I was pregnant with Erianna.

During the pregnancy

We were very worried about me being pregnant and what the happen to us, but it actually brought us closer. He was completely supportive during the whole pregnancy. I started going into labor Monday, October 19 at about 10 p.m.. I was in labor for approximately 6 hours. At 4:36 Tuesday October 20th Erianna was born. Though she was born 2 weeks early she was still completely healthy. I had a natural birth with an epidural. The pain was very worth it but I think this will be my last. Lol. Holding Erianna for the first time was a feeling that only a mother could understand. It was truly amazing!

First day and night with Erie

It was exciting bringing her home for the first time, yet also nerve wrecking. I knew it would be up to Josiah and I to take care of everything without any nurse assistance. Throughout the course of the day and night I fed her about 9 times sometimes she drank more or less. And of course diaper changes came with the feedings, so we did that about 10 times. Who knew a baby had it in them, lol. I also felt like I constantly needed to hold her, but after the first couple hours of having her home Josiah convinced me that if she was quiet to let her be but I went almost 9 months holding her so he can't possibly understand. Gosh guys! She slept most of the day too, like when do they get fun?

Trouble during bedtime

Josiah feels like it would be easier for us if Erie slept in the bed with us, but i know how i sleep and I'm afraid of that. I toss and turn way too much at night and I'm scared that I'll turn and hit her or cover her or forget she's there. On top of that, the way our bed is set up we have tons of pillows. But i promised him that I would go to a store and look for a co-sleeper bed to put in between us so that I know she is safe. I must say getting up to go across the room for her in the middle of the night is pretty tiring.

Eerie Erianna

Some weird stuff started happening to Erie. Besides her being really irritable lately, I've noticed darker, dry spots on the ears, mouth and cheeks that sort of resemble rashes and spots on her back looked a little scaly . I would also catch her trying to rub at the spots on her arms. After adding all of the symptoms together I had a slight idea of what was the problem, but I needed to take her to the doctor just to be sure. Her pediatrician, Dr.Braxton, informed us that Erianna had a mild case of Atopic Dermatitis also known as eczema. She said that since she is still very young we just need to watch it and make sure that she is well moisturized and it should go away and since seasons are changing using a humidifier can help as well. I feel so bad for Erie and i know how she fees because i have mild eczema on my back as well. But i'll listen to the doctor and just pray that itll get better.

Play date with bestie Chelsea

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To Work or To Not

So we're coming up Erie's 1 month and me being me I want to buy her something. Of course Josiah being him he thinks it it completely unnecessary. Since I have had Erianna I know i should be picking and choosing want i think is a necessity or not but i love shopping. Babies aren't cheap and I know and I'm really debating if i want to go back to work or not. If i do hat that will only leave us with Josiah's income and i'm not sure that will be enough. Daycare is completely out of the equation for me, not only because it's really expensive, but she is still very young and I don't have that kind of trust in a person for that. This problem has cause nothing but constant arguments at home. Is it possible to find a job where I can bring her with me or should i stay home with her or should i find a person i can really trust to watch her so that i can continue to do what i love and help provide for my family.

This last week

For the last week carrying Erianna around has been very amusing. I did not expect to have so much fun with this assignment. Everyone would ask me to hold her and play with her s if she were a real baby. Even after getting off the bus while walking down the street with her people would look at me. I guess they thought she was real! They hole week my family would laugh at me but I didn't care, I had to put my heart in it to make her, dress er, and even name her. My friends loved her, especially he God mother Erika, she wouldn't even let people touch Erianna while she was with her. The thing i liked the most about this project was all the attention she would get the I disliked about it is it makes me reconsider the thought about me having a child in the future. The hardest part about this project was taking her apart last night so that my family could use the flour, I cried real tears. I did not think i could have an emotional attachment to a bag of flour!