Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer

Many people can get it, Including you!

Lymphoma Cancer

How does lymphoma occur?

Lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes in your immune system are out of control in cell growth and multiplication Lymphocytes are white blood cells that move within the body through a fluid called lymph.

Causes of Lymphoma Cancer

Cancer normally is caused by the break down of a system of how your cells follow a certain path of growth, division, and death. When these things happen cancer is the result. Scientists don't know exactly what causes lymphoma cancer, but have identified many potential risks.

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Leukemia Cancer

How does Leukemia occur?

Leukemia occurs when a group of white blood cells in a cycle starts to change when it is not supposed to it starts to get a disease called Leukemia. It also occurs like Lymphoma cancer, but Leukemia also is treated with bone marrows.

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