Being Thin vs. Overweight

Does being skinny necessarily make you healthy?

What does it mean to be skinny?

Well what people consider skinny is a very broad. Being skinny though means that you have more muscle in comparison to body fat. Sometimes you can determine whether your normal or overweight by your BMI (body mass index). But a BMI is inaccurate for some because it doesn't take in to account muscle.
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Some so say NO

According to a Times Magazine Article a lot of fat isn't physically visible making a person appear "thin". Being thin isn't the same as being healthy. There is a genetic analysis for more than 75,000 people in the US that found that lean people with a specific gene are at greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes. It is found that where a person stores fat is genetic. Research shows that for some people there is a gene that doesn't allow fat to be stored under the skin and it is distributed else where disrupting body's normal function. For many fat accumulates in organs and within muscles putting people as risk for heart disease. Many people who look lean may assume they are healthy and may not be as likely to get regular blood tests to check their cholesterol and blood glucose levels. That may put them at higher risk of having a heart attack or suffering from tissue and organ damage due to diabetes because they never knew they were at risk.
Another large issue of our media based society, is for girls to have the "perfect body." For many this has caused physiological eating disorders. For some being "thin" is the equivalent of malnourished. Many who are anorexic or bulimic don't receive the correct amount of nutrients for a healthy body.

Some say YES

When you have a low body fat you tend to be healthier. This is true in the sense that you aren't prone for many diseases which include type 2 Diabetes and Heart Diseases. People who are overweight or obese tend to have many health issues that thin people don't get. If you don't have all that extra weight your chances of developing any of these issues are slim.

My opinion

My view on this is in the middle but closer to the skinny side. Being thin is healthy to some extents. But after researching this topic I realized that some people who are considered overweight are considered healthy. Vice-versa too. Some people who are skinny are considered unhealthy. But overall I think that being thin is better for your health, but you have to exercise and eat right to maintain the healthiness.

Why society skinny is considered healthy.

Being a media centered world, all the models and actors are thin. Those who aren't are criticized by the media. Also they are many companies that advertise weight loss treatments by claiming "skinny" equivalent to healthy. Also many assume if you're overweight you aren't healthy.