Partridge Class Newsletter!

November 10-21

What we are doing in Reading

  • In Reading,we are learning how to do summarization.
  1. Summarization is to tell information again using fewer words.

Typed and made by Tommy Burke.

What we're doing in math

In math we are working on rounding. PACE math and regular math is working on rounding. PACE math got a mew student book that is yellow.

Written by: Natalia

What we are doing in science

Today we did some more of earths interaction and are activity was we took some jolly ranchers (red ,green,and purple) and we put them in a container and then we mixed them up each person got 10 shakes each.after that we observed it and we drew a pitcher.All of the class wanted to eat the jolly ranchers but there wasn't enough.we will continue with earths interactions . Typed and made by Casey

what were doing in social studies

In social studies we are starting Map skills. Mrs. Partridge is giving us a few map pages a day. Today we looked at a compass and made a water compass in class.

Written by: Natalia

important dates

Friday- 21 days of kindness (Dress Crazy) , cultural day- India, Bangladesh

Thursday 20- Thanksgiving lunch,

NO mystery reader this week we will have one next week.

written by: Natalia